Fuel Aotearoa is a purely educational website. We do not offer services in diagnosis or treatment; this is not our area of expertise. We strongly recommend any reader with specific concerns to contact a health professional to gain the necessary advice, treatment or support.

Unfortunately, many of the women and families we talk to describe spending many frustrating months trying to find a health professional with specific knowledge and interest on this subject. To help readers avoid a (sometimes quite expensive) ‘wild goose chase’ for a health professional that understands their concerns, we offer the following database of New Zealand-based health professionals.

The health professionals listed on this page have expressed an interest in working with girls and women who present with, are at-risk for developing, or have concerns related to, low energy availability and the Female Athlete Triad. Many of these health professionals are also accredited providers for High Performance Sport New Zealand. While Fuel Aotearoa appreciates the ongoing work of these professionals, we can not accept any responsibility for the actions of listed organizations or practitioners. We strongly encourage readers to do their own ‘homework’ to find the health professional most suited for their individual needs.

Please note, this list below is not exhaustive. There are other health professionals with an interest and expertise on this subject in New Zealand and internationally. We welcome communication from health professionals with an interest in being added to this database, and/or any recommendations from women or families who have found excellent support from a health professional not listed here.



Christel Dunshea-Mooij

Mail: christel.dunesha-mooij [at] hpsnz.org.nz
Phone: 027 327 8867

Gavin Clearkin

Performance Nutrition Services Limited
Ponsonby, Auckland
Phone: 021 737 317
Mail: gavin@performancenutritionservices.com

Website: www.performancenutritionservices.com

Claire Turnbull & Colleagues

Mission Nutrition
96a Carlton Gore Road
Newmarket, Auckland
Phone: 09 948 799
Mail: info [at] missionnutrition.co.nz

Becky Jones
Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist
Capital Sports Medicine
Phone: 04 499 5732

Sara Richardson

University of Otago
Phone: 03 479 7518
Mail: sara.macdonald [at] otago.ac.nz

Kath Fouhy

Fouhy Dieticians
Level 4, 326 Lambton Quay
Phone: 04 499 9961
Mail: kath [at] food4fuel.co.nz

Ien Hellemans, Msc, NZRD

Senior Nutritionist for Triathlon New Zealand
Phone: 0274 386910
Mail: ien.h@xtra.co.nz

Emily Hope, Msc (Human Nutrition)

Hope Nutrition, Marlborough
Mail: emily@hopenutrition.org,nz



Karen Nimmo

On the Couch
Phone: 027 332 1955
Mail: karen [at] onthecouch.co.nz

Paula Dennan

Phone: 027 282 1940
Mail: pdennan [at] hotmail.com

Leena St Martin

Clinical Psychologist, Auckland District Health Board, Greenlane Clinical Centre, and Ponsonby Psychology
Phone: 021 627 336
 LeenaSM [at] adhb.govt.nz or leenasm [at] clear.net.nz

Juliet Ireland

Phone: 021 473 346
Mail: Juliet.Ireland [at] xtra.co.nz



Victoria Marsden

Phone: 021 122 4221
Mail: v.marsden@xtra.co.nz

Sports Doctors

Deborah Robinson

SportsMed Canterbury
156 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch Central
Christchurch 8013
Phone: 03 366 0620
Mail: drobinson [at] sportsmed-nz.co.nz

Lynne Coleman

Apollo Health
119 Apollo Drive
Albany, North Shore City
Phone: 09 477 3700
Mail: lynne.coleman [at] apollohealth.co.nz

Judith May

Grace Sports Medicine
335 Cheyne Road
Oropi, Tauranga
Phone: 04 543 1862

Penelope Day

Innes Road Medical Rooms
217 Innes Road, St Albans
Phone: 03 355 8350
Mail: pday [at] innesrd.pegasus.net.nz

Sandy Webb

Dunedin North Medical
15 St David Street
North Dunedin
Phone: 03 474 0602
Mail: manager.dnm [at] xtra.co.nz

General Practitioners

Dr Kate Taylor

High Performance Health
Based at: Cambridge Family Health, 2 Oliver Street, Cambridge
Phone: 021 445 188
Email: kate@hphealth.co.nz
<aWebsite: www.hphealth.co.nz


Stella Milsom, Megan Ogilvie and Susannah O’Sullivan

Fertility Associates
Level 3, Ascot Central
7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive
Remuera, Auckland, 1051
Free phone: 0800 102828
Email: faa [at] fertilityassociates.co.nz

Alternative Health

We are aware that some of our readers may be interested in considering alternative approaches, and thus we are committed to including contact details to an array of health care providers. It is important to reiterate that by listing organizations on this website, we are not endorsing any particular practitioner or form of health care over others, but merely providing our readers with various options that they might follow-up themselves.

Dr Vitalis Acupuncture

North Shore Medical and Health Centre
4/326 Sunset Rd,
Mairangi Bay
Website: http://vitalis.co.nzPhone: 09 4865111


Dr Holly Thorpe and Maria Bentley welcome invitations to organize educational seminars with groups of female athletes, exercising women, coaches, teachers or parents. Please contact us to get further information on the services we offer, and/or discuss possible dates for an educational seminar. As well as covering costs of travel, we also ask organisations to consider offering an honorarium in acknowledgement for our time, effort and knowledge.