NZ Herald article

This morning the New Zealand Herald ran with a somewhat sensationalist headline. Although it should be clear upon reading our website, we just want to clarify, Fuel Aotearoa is NOT warning women of over-exercise! We are very aware of the potential damage of such inaccurate messages. We have seen this all before:

In her excellent book, The Eternally Wounded Woman: Women, Doctors and Exercise in the Late Nineteenth Century (1990), Distinguished Professor Patricia Vertinsky, from the University of British Columbia, illustrated the ways middle-class women in the late nineteenth century were seriously inhibited by medical ideologies and media messages that ‘warned’ women of over exerting themselves.

In no way does our website suggest that women can not or should not participate in sport and exercise with the same vigor as their male counterparts. This would be a very out-dated and dangerously inaccurate message indeed. 

Thank you for reading beyond this headline!