It is important for all female athletes and exercising women to take responsibility/ownership of their bodies, understand the signs, symptoms and risks of low energy availability and the Triad and to be willing to seek further professional advice as necessary.

To further protect your body, you should: 

  • Monitor your menstrual cycle by using a diary or calendar, preferably alongside your training and nutrition plans.
  • Consult your GP or sports doctor if you have menstrual irregularities, feel unusually tired, and/or have recurrent injuries or stress fractures.
  • To optimise energy availability, you should try to eat frequent snacks, and include recovery time in your training schedule.
  • If you are concerned with your body image and weight, you should consider seeking counseling or advice from a sport psychologist.
  • Consult a sport nutritionist to help you design an appropriate diet that is specific to your sport and to your body’s energy needs.
  • If you think you may be demonstrating signs or symptoms of energy deficiency or the Triad, talk to someone (e.g., coach, teammate, parent, friend) that you trust. Discuss possible professionals to contact.