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We have had an incredible response since the SUNDAY program and the Breakfast show last week. Thanks to all of you who have been in contact over the past 10 days. While we do not agree with all of the messages presented in the SUNDAY program, we are pleased that so many Kiwi women–young and old–are talking about this issue and coming to the website for further information. Please remember though, we are a purely educational site and can not provide medical advice. We hope you find the Professional Support page valuable for finding appropriate medical advice.

For those of you interested in further reading, please pick up the latest issue of M2 Women magazine. On pages 122-123 you will find a Q&A article about exercise and diet-related amenorrhea written by Holly & Maria.

M2 Woman Article


For a larger copy of the article click here: M2W 21 Fitness Q&A

Or pick up your copy at your local book or magazine store, this is what the cover looks like:

 M2 Cover

If you missed the SUNDAY and Breakfast shows…

If you missed the Sunday program, ‘Running on Empty’ that aired at 7pm February 10th on Channel 1, you can watch it by clicking here.

If you missed the interview with Holly on the Breakfast show the next morning, you can watch it here.
Thanks to those of you who have sent us such wonderful feedback following these programs!

Educational Seminars: Available Now!

To further realize our original aim of empowering athletic girls and women through education, Dr Holly Thorpe and Maria Bentley are now available for educational seminars designed specifically for groups of a) female high school students, b) coaches and parents, c) exercising women, and d) fitness and exercise professionals

If you are interested in bringing Holly and Maria to speak to a group in your town or city, please contact us directly at info@fuelaotearoa.co.nz.

Just a note: As we both have full time jobs beyond Fuel Aotearoa, times will need to be negotiated and costs of travel covered by the requesting group.

Upcoming: ‘Running on Empty’ SUNDAY Program

Just a heads up that TVNZ SUNDAY program’s lead story this Sunday (February 10th) ‘Running on Empty’ addresses the issue of exercise-related amenorrhea, energy deficiencies, and body image concerns. The feature includes interviews with Fuel Aotearoa founders, Dr Holly Thorpe and Maria Bentley, as well as female exercisers, athletes, and leading health professionals.